Moto Shed

Moto Shed

My "garage" "remodel" was a quick and easy project that was a lot fun to build. I'm confident it can be completed from start to finish in an afternoon, though it took me longer with COVID-19 related shop closures, and you'll only need a few power tools.

When we moved to a smaller apartment I knew we'd need some more storage space. I found a pair of vertical sheds on Craigslist and started throwing stuff in. One came with a poorly dimensioned shelf so I was able to catch a hanger on the back for my moto suit and jacket. The rest was crammed in just-so whereas if I wanted something, most everything needed to come out, and everything needed to go back in exactly the same or it wouldn't all fit.

I needed more shelving to organize things, but adding anymore would prevent me from hanging my Roadcrafter suit. It sat as is for a while until I realized I could pretty easily create a wall and section off the unit so half had shelves and the other half was clear to hang jackets and my suit.

I tracked down the user manual online which includes dimensions for the shelves.

From here it was very easy, make 1 top shelf, a center wall, and 3 half shelves. I used maple plywood and track saw was able to make most of the cuts, both supplied by a generous friend. For the corner notches I just penciled the layout and  cut it freehand with a cordless jigsaw, no need for precision here. Some cut offs from breaking down the plywood were used for shelf stops and the wall guide. That's really all there is to it. I'm not giving any dimensions because the half shelf width can be whatever you want.

Initially I thought the center wall would be attached to the top shelf but when I tried to assemble the wall was a little to tall. I also realized with the shed being constructed of plastic, it was less than square, so a perfect fit would be difficult to achieve. Instead I trimmed the wall and used some cut offs to create a channel to hold the wall in place. This came with the benefit of knock down the whole thing and assemble it without any tools! The standard project bucket is too tall for the bottom shelf, not a problem though as I was easily able to pop the shelf out. Finally the hanging rod is just galvanized steel pipe fittings.

I'm incredibly happy with how easily this project came together. With everything back in there I know it looks a bit of a mess still. You'll just have to trust me that I can fit way more inside and the space is much more usable.

Keep the rubber on the road!